Established in 2017, Woodwork Sound Studio is the result of a partnership between sound activists David B and Ziad Mouka.
Once a carpentry workshop, the space has recently been transformed into a versatile, fully equipped 2-room studio that offers multiple audio services ranging from music production to sound design, and can easily be adjusted for any recording, mixing and mastering need.
Among other features, Woodwork Sound Studio presents state-of-the-art sound isolation and treatment, designed by 21db: a floating live room (-58dB quiet); high-end ATC SCM100ASL Pro Monitors, known for their super linear revealing performance; carefully chosen outboard sound processors and converters; and an excellent selection of music instruments, microphones, preamps, amps and effects.
A synth station is also available for producers who want to amplify their sound with a wide range of analog and digital musical instruments. A guitar, bass - with amps and pedals, and an exclusive collection of ethnic strings, wind &percussion instruments are accessible as well.
Woodwork Sound Studio delivers high quality, industry standard audio at flexible rates without compromising quality. It aims to provide individually tailored as well as all-encompassing packages. The space is open to networking and friendly partnerships: any sound producer or engineer is welcome to use the available rooms and gear with the partners’ technical supervision.
The partners’ open-minded view on the music and sound industry ensures the studio welcomes anyone from bedroom producers and aspiring musicians, to independent filmmakers and large-scale TV productions.
Last but not least, Woodwork Sound Studio offers music production workshops (including Ableton Live) for aspiring and advanced musicians looking to broaden their knowledge.